Russell Plumbing & Heating
Experts in High Efficiency Heating Systems
Ipswich, MA - serving the North Shore

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"It seem so unusual these days to find a company like Russell Plumbing.  Jim and his staff are pleasant and polite - nice guys.  The work is always according to the estimate, and they are incredibly neat and clean.  I've even seen them take their boots off to go through the house - even with arm fulls of tools and materials.  And I have to say, honestly, when the work is done, the area is cleaner and in better shape than when they started.  I recommend them heartily, with no hesitation."  Ed, Ipswich

"I normally have two problems with people that work around our house.  First, they never show up when they promise.  I skip work and negotiate to get my kids rides - and then I sit there and wait.  Russell Plumbing has never kept me waiting.  Sure, sometimes there are emergencies, but they call me and let me know.  The other problem is the inevitable questions when my husband gets home.  "Why'd he do it that way?"  and "What's this?  Didn't you explain what we wanted?" Jim is great.  He explains it to my husband in advance and they agree on what to do.  If he needs to he calls on his cell phone.  No hassles, no problems, no grouchy husband - at least not becuase of plumbing work!"  Katherine, Rowley 
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