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Jim's Expertise
New Technology

Having been in the business for more than 24 years we have seen lots of "latest and greatest" technology come and go.  Many never gain traction and fail to provide the promised benefits to the consumer or the installer.  But trends are different.  Efficiency, environmentally friendly and economical are three trends that Russell Plumbing & Heating has watched increasingly drive design for the last two decades.

High efficiency heating

This technology has been widely used in for years Europe were small spaces and exorbitant energy costs have forced folks to find better solutions.  But often technology which is imported directly fails.  Without domestic manufacturing and support; and without designs which take into account the particularities and requirements of the American market, they simply are not satisfactory for demanding homeowners.
Not only must you find a professional who understands the potential benefits of technology, but you need one who is such a knowledgeable practitioner that you are virtually assured of a trouble free installation.

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