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About High Efficiency boilers

  • Sealed combustion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Modular component construction
  • Operates at low supply temperature




The high efficiency boiler is the product of German engineering.  In Europe, where space is expensive and limited and fuels are highly taxed and very expensive a compact and highly efficient boiler is a necessity.  
But even good technology improperly applied is often wasteful of precious resources and installation dollars. Russell Plumbing & Heatings unique knowledge of the systems and practical expertise is the perfect solution.


How would a high efficiency boiler make a difference in my home?

Do you worry if the boiler will turn on?  Do you have problems with a chimney?  Ever run out of hot water (teens? laundry?  dishwasher?)  Do you dread getting the oil or gas bill?  Is your utility room too cramped and wasted space?  Tired of that heating oil smell in your basement or garage?

These typical concerns are all reasons to consider this technology.  It addresses most of the typical home heating concerns that have plagued traditional systems for years.

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